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Repairs & Servicing

Honda InsidesWe can carry out repairs, servicing and diagnostics on most makes of aftermarket and factory fit systems. If your make is not listed then please contact us for advice on 01482 807506.

Aftermarket Makes:

AEB, Emmegas,Stako, WVM, GZWM, Bigas, AG Nicholson McLaren (Teleflex) , Tartarini, Prins, ICOM, BRC, Romano, OMVL,  Zavoli,Egas and Beacon.

We Provide Factory Fits for the Following Brands:


Repairs and diagnostics are carried out at £70/hr plus VAT for the first two hours and then £50/hr thereafter.  The minimum charge for repair is £70 plus VAT.

Servicing aftermarket systems costs in the region of £120 plus VAT and includes filters.Factory fit systems are approximately £150 plus VAT again this includes filters.