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LPG Conversion

LPG ConversionAn Autogas Conversion could save you a fortune.
At Autogas 1,  that is part of our mission.

Why do more and more people choose us for gas conversions?

The answer is simple. Peace of mind – our customers get a good quality autogas conversion with the best equipment at a sensible price.

We recognise that your car is one of your most valuable assets and that you depend on it for everyday transport. For these reasons we only fit the better quality systems.

A cheap, unreliable system will work but usually results in more comebacks and warranty claims. Although the system may be under warranty, the customer’s time is wasted and our profit is reduced.

Our preferred system for 2012 is BRC. We have installed or trialled most other makes over the last 12 years and found nothing more reliable than the BRC system.

We can fit most other makes on request , but in our experience none of the others have the same degree of reliability as BRC.

An LPG conversion represents an investment in your vehicle. It must be reliable and perform well. Only then will you get a good return on your investment.

Since 1999 we have converted nearly 2000 vehicles. There are very few vehicles on the road today that we haven’t converted.

We can offer you unbiased advice on the system most suitable for your car. Our UKLPG approval is for 9 different makes of equipment and we have trialled numerous other brands. We constantly evaluate the various systems available for performance and reliability to make sure our customers’ needs are met and we stay competitive. If a system is problematic or unreliable we won’t use it. Our background is in the Aerospace Industry. With a combined experience of over forty years in engineering at BAe Systems, we understand what goes into making a safe, high quality installation.

All LPG conversions and installers are not the same. Most of our business comes from word of mouth and repeat business.

For peace of mind, reliability and performance you will find us hard to beat. As with most things in life you tend to get what you pay for. Our LPG conversions will not always be the cheapest, but you will have one of the best systems, professionally installed and guaranteed to work..

How much you will save and what will the conversion cost?

You can find out by using our savings calculator, to access this feature please click here.