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Guide to Converting

LPG Converted CarYou’re interested in an lpg conversion. But where do you start?
As with all major purchases it makes sense to find out something about it first, which is why most people look on the web.  If you have the time then you can spend hundreds of hours finding out as much as you can (The kind of thing I usually do!)

Our aim is to guide you through the minefield of information and to save you from the hundreds of hours of  needless trawling and help you make the right decision.

Is your car suitable for lpg conversion?
We have lists of problem vehicles from 3 credible sources. If your car is on the list we will tell you.

Which are the best cars for lpg conversion?
If you’re buying a new car and wondering which are the best models for conversion we can advise you.

“Every installer tells me their system is the best for my car” Yes, they do!
We have fitted all kinds of systems that were supposed to be good. Some were and others weren’t . We have had all the heartache so you don’t have to!The cheaper systems will work on most cars, but they don’t work aswell as the more expensive ones. The principle differences are in the quality of the injectors, the algorithm and software in the gas ecu, stability and reliability of the vaporiser. Not forgetting the overall component quality and the effectiveness of the quality assurance systems used by the manufacturer.  All our lpg conversions are guaranteed to work.