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Global WarmingGlobal warming is now a fact of life. With autogas you can reduce your petrol car’s C02 emissions by 10% which reduces your carbon footprint.

New petrol and diesel vehicles are becoming cleaner but there is still a considerable emissions advantage to be gained by using LPG power. In recent independent pan-European tests, on urban roads on average a diesel vehicle emits the same fine particles as 120 LPG vehicles and the same NOx as 20 LPG vehicles.. And, unlike petrol, the use of LPG results in similar CO2 emissions on a well to wheel basis as diesel vehicles so that there is no penalty for our planet in global warming terms.

The Government has recognised these benefits and have put in place a long term strategy for supporting LPG. This gives confidence to those considering converting to LPG.

The Government has made a rolling three year commitment to the duty level on LPG relative to that of petrol and diesel . Every year we will know the level of duty for the following three years.
The level of duty means that the price at the pumps will remain at around half the price of petrol and diesel.

Autogas is the cleanest fuel for mass motoring currently available. This is likely to remain the case until fuel cell cars become commonplace.

Driving on LPG means you can save money and do your bit for the environment.